"I haven't had the pleasure of a massage with Heidi, so you may wonder why I'm writing this. I contacted Heidi at the last minute and, while she was unable to squeeze me in in the brief time I was in the area, she went above and beyond in her response. She recommended another massage therapist in the area, but even more amazingly sent me video to help me self treat the problem we discussed. She treated a total stranger with care and generosity; I can only imagine how wonderful she must be to her regular clients." 

~S.N. Weehawken, NJ


"I am speechless. I went to Heidi after reading the other Yelp reviews and I have to say they are all accurate. I have been suffering from chronic upper back and neck pain for months. I had this constant urge to want to crack my neck even though I knew it wasn't going to crack. Heidi has hands of steel! After an hour of pressure points and working on my joints and muscles that urge is gone. I already feel a million times better. This is true physical therapy massage. Not that foo foo massage I've been disappointed with in the past. I felt like I was walking on air when I left, the pain has subsided, and my back is relaxed. I recommend her highly and I'll be going back  monthly to keep the issues at bay."

~Thea B. Asheville, NC


"Heidi is awesome. The massage was personalized to work on all of my trouble areas (which are multiple). She gave me plenty of tips to use on a daily basis. The massage was thorough and left me feeling invigorated the next day."

~Amber G. Muscogee, GA


"I have dealt with chronic lower back pain, muscle spasms, frozen shoulders, and a tight neck for the past 7 years. Part of my treatment has been massage therapy. I have been treated by therapists who are adept at what they do however I feel that Heidi is truly in a class on her own. She was extraordinarily knowledgeable, quick to notice and continued to identify some macro concerns that have been contributing to my situation, and was able to listen to my body so well that she needed no cuing on pressure or anything else. Not only was she able to relieve my tension, I feel confident in how to prevent it from reoccurring in the future through gait modifications and targeted stretched and exercises that we discussed. I am very satisfied with the work that she does and will recommend her to everyone I know who receives massage."

~Jared A. Bethesda, MD


"I've been having lower back pain, on and off for years. Have tried chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and they've all helped to a degree.  Heidi is the first practitioner who is actually getting to the root of my back problems, rather than running through "Treatment Protocol #43" which is a one size fits all solution. My trainer recommended Heidi, and boy was she right.
My hour with Heidi is always informative, educational and even though the therapeutic massage can be painful, my sessions are enjoyable.  Little details like email confirmations and a bottle of water at the end of my massage show Heidi's attention to detail.
The best recommendation I can give, is that after 3 sessions, my back is really getting better."

~D.F. Washington, DC


"Heidi Palian is pretty amazing.  My wife had been using her for massage therapy--not the soft feel good rubdown, but for deep tissue muscle release--and recommended that I spend a few sessions with her.  I had developed significant tightness and inflexibility from years of working out hard in the gym, especially in my shoulders which had been constricted by adhesions from multiple surgeries.  After only 12 sessions I can say she's done what no physical therapist came close to doing over more than 1 and 1/2 years of therapy following those surgeries.  I can actually raise my arms almost to heights they had reached before I developed shoulder problems, and my whole body feels dramatically more flexible from the deep tissue work she does.  I can't imagine where I'll be after 6 months of this treatment."

~D.K. Bethesda, MD


"Suffering from what felt like a pinched nerve caused from seized up muscles, Heidi proved to be a miracle worker.  This was my first visit to see her and I was very impressed with the time she took to understand the situation, my past experiences with massage, and my health/exercise status.  She addressed some problem areas that no one had ever identified before and set me on the path to a quick recovery.  I will definitely return. An outstanding technician."

~Matt H. Washington, DC